Shared Success

When our client partners have success due in part to the technology we provided, we feel successful as well. This success is what drives and motivates us, and is at the core of our thinking and approach.

Client Partner Success Stories


United National Consumer Suppliers

United National Consumer Suppliers connects a global network of manufacturers, retailers, warehouses and shipping service providers to offer a hugely diverse portfolio of products, creating high-margin business opportunities for all the partners.

Development Partners created a complete ERP system, managing UNCS' customers, outbound marketing, logistics, inventory, invoicing, and more. Our data-gathering, analytics and customer acquisition tools help UNCS unlock difficult-to-penetrate verticals like Amazon and Wal-Mart sellers.

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United National Consumer Suppliers
The United National Consumer Suppliers management team.

The SMART Ride

Miami to Key West

The SMART Ride is a non-profit organization that organizes a 165-mile bike ride from Miami to Key West every year to raise money and support multiple HIV/AIDS organizations that provide vital services to patients throughout Florida.

Over the past decade, we have saved The SMART Ride hundreds of thousands of dollars in platform transaction fees that they would have had to pay typical solution providers, at the same time delivering a completely custom platform designed for the SMART Ride Riders and Crew instead of a boxed-in, off the shelf solution.

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The SMART Ride
Team Bikesexuals after completing TSR 16 in November 2019. Riders included Chief Strategist Chris Caputo, and Chief Technologist Matt Watson.

BeWell Med Spa

Wilton Manors Medical Spa

BeWell MedSpa is Fort Lauderdale's premier medspa, offering a variety of cosmetic products and procedures to discerning clients in the South Florida area. BeWell stands out in a crowded marketplace thanks to the way they make their customers feel.

Development Partners customer acquisition campaigns are the #2 source of business for BeWell, behind only word of mouth referrals from happy customers! Going way beyond customer acquisition, Development Partners also deploys marketing automation and customer retention programs that develop happy, long-term customers.

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